Katherine’s 2019 Adventure and Racing Schedule

  • Yukon Quest – February 2019

  • Iditarod – March 2019

  • Denali Climb-West Buttress - May 2019

  • Aconcagua Climb - December 2019

Katherine Keith's mission is to offer superior services attentive to your needs. Katherine Keith offers client intimacy,  a small, yet beautiful, safe, and friendly method where driven people can convert to a healthy lifestyle while carrying on their day to day routine.  Enjoy being part of this expanding culture of friends, in a warm, accepting, engaging, and friendly community atmosphere of women who share your mindset of a happier, and healthier life. This creates fitness for happiness rather than fitness for health but with all the benefits of health.

Katherine Keith will help you make your life better, healthier, and all around more enjoyable.  Our coaching time together can include coaching in stress management, nutrition, cognitive performance, energy management, happiness, productivity, or just aim at making you feel better!

It goes without saying that you are the only one who can change your life, but having some support can make a world of difference and that is exactly what we are here to provide.  All you have to do is take the first step and then we’ll guide you along the way with your own personal approach! 

While endurance racing require a tremendous amount of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, it also requires funding!  Many thanks to current sponsors! 

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