A Wisdom Moment of Trust

This was shared with me during an early morning meeting with my friend and mentor Jackie Levin.  Given that it told a story about my all time hero-I just had to share!  

The need to step into what we fear and, in so doing, disperse its hold on us is powerfully brought to life by a moment in the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  After searching everywhere within reason and memory for the Holy Grail, Jones stands on an enormous precipice, a deep chasm before him, the Grail waiting on the other side.
 After what seems a lifetime of inner debate and escalating fear, he dares, against everything he knows, to step into the void above the chasm, and as he does, an enormous stone foundation appears beneath his feet, a bridge that was there all along.
 This is a moment of risk and trust, a wisdom moment that repeats itself in our lives in both small and large ways.  Often we are driven to the edge by the cries and clues of elders and loved ones, only to find that nothing makes sense, that there seems nowhere to go. An then the atom of risk begins to replay itself in those brought to the edge.
 Then, when all known ways of seeing have failed, we sometimes dare to step into the void.  Whether that void is a chasm of purpose or self-esteem or a ravine in relationship or a canyon of addiction, this crazy-wisdom step--that begins with risk and lands in trust--reveals a foundation that was there all along, but which is only made visible by our risk to thinkand see in new ways and our trust to step into what we fear.

So let this sit with you for awhile and ponder the question...What is it that you are at the edge of right now?  What is holding you back from taking that leap of faith?  What might happen once you do?  

Thank you Jackie for sharing. Read more about Jackie at http://mindfulinnovation.com/about/ .

And thank you all for engaging! 

Katherine Keith