Bulletproof Coffee

I found out about Bulletproof Executive while learning about a ketogenic diet.  I was doing research to determine whether a high-fat diet/low carbohydrate diet would not just heal my body/mind but enable me to thrive.  The podcasts by Bulletproof Executive Radio have opened a world of opportunities to explore.  Tune into them and see for yourself!     This time of year, when the mental demands of work are high and my training demands are high,  I find that my morning routing is extremely critical to being able to pull off a successful and productive work day.   I start off with supplements that I should take on an empty stomach which includesCILTEP which gives me the much appreciated concentration and focus.    I also take Recovery Bits, a chlorella algae, to keep my level of workout recovery high and to maintain my immune system. 

I then start with Bulletproof Coffee, which includes Brain Octane Oil and Kerrygold butter whipped up together for one energy packed cup of java.  Maintaining a high fat diet is an eye opening and freeing experience to those of us that have been taught to run away screaming from the calorie dense grams of fat.  However, after actually losing weight, having increased energy, and best of all having my brain function well I am convinced that this was a good decision for me. So I have come to REALLY enjoy my cup of Bulletproof Coffee.  

Come mid-morning, I take one more energy drink "Tianchi" .This is an adaptogen-nutraceutical blend using a combination of Chinese herbs for stress relief, mental focus, and sustained energy.  You can get more information on this here.  

I have to say it is quite shocking the impact that diet can have on our ability to perform at our best.   I love the breakdown that Dave Asprey provides on how to target 50-60% fats, 20% proteins, and the rest from vegetables. He goes step by step through where to start (there are 14 steps).  Number 1 is to eliminate sugar!  So that is my challenge to you :-)  Can you do it?  

 Of course you can!!!   Tell me about it :-)