Life is in the Detours: October 10th, 2019


Metamorphosis biologically transforms life forms into states of existence previously believed the be impossible. Evolution is the change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over generations that transforms species over time through natural selection to compete, survive, and reproduce.

 Biology synchronizes with Buddhism in that everything changes, adapts, and transforms itself. Nothing lasts forever. The concept of impermanence is the cornerstone of Buddhist teachings. Ironically, it is the law of impermanence that is enduring. Change is a fact of life.

 All physical and mental states that come into being, are born, change, and then die. Our bodies are born, age continuously, then perish. Mentally, our thoughts arise then fade to the next topic before vanishing.

 Change is going to happen. Do you want to be a victim of it or dictate the terms of the path ahead of you? If there are changes that you want to make in your life recognize it isn’t going to happen overnight. It is the subtle small transformations that create the final results that you want to achieve.  

 The ripple effect of your efforts will become unstoppable and you will transform into an unstoppable force of nature, a tidal wave charging toward your dreams.