Life is in the Details: October 11th, 2019

To act with authenticity demands that we stand firm in our truth with conviction in a manner that is constant and empowering. When our actions are congruent with our words, we can stand firm in our truth as an old white oak tree with deep taproots stands against hurricane force winds.

Without authenticity, allowing yourself to live for the approval of others will offer you neither confidence nor happiness given the fickle nature of public opinion which is like a hybrid of a birch and a redbud tree. Shallow and short lived.

Society may have temporary power to build up a reputation, but it can just as easily tear it down. Just as  winners record history which, we all know, does not equate to truth. 

An individual standing firm in their authentic truth has inherent personal power which society’s whims cannot reduce though, given the ability of society to make life difficult for those who swim upstream, we should respect.

Be authentic and stay rooted, like that oak tree, in your truth but be mindful of society’s whims so as not to be crucified unintentionally.