Life is in the Detours: October 3rd, 2019

Stumbling out the door without coffee, I take in an invigorating breath of fresh air to find the windshield frozen. The water level in Hotham Inlet is dropping as if Poseidon himself is preparing to migrate south. The sun rises at 8:46 am offering the western sky a turquoise blue horizon with just a hint of peach. With creatures of the sea and sky asleep, only waves on the gravel beach break up the silence of the early morning.

By now, the various species of gulls have embarked on their winter quests. The terns overwinter in Antarctica. Some gulls search out the edge of the pack ice for sustenance while some move even further to the polar pack ice. Regardless, one thing is certain, absence of these carefree aviators indicate that summer has passed in the Arctic.

Migrations are about survival, certainly deserve respect, and are testament to amazing resilience.  Various species of animals undergo colossal feats to remain alive.  Over the course of human history, various ethnic groups have also left their homes, at will or involuntarily, and traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to find freedom and a place to call home. 

Consider....  Are you grateful for the stability of your year-round home? Or are you preparing for your own type of migration?