Life is in the Detours: October 4th, 2019

Weary eyes glance out the window seeing the deep golden fall leaves swaying in the wind-shivering to stay on the branch - as I too shiver thinking of cold days gone by. Days with frozen fingers, drenched clothes in biting wind, autumn tundra training runs trembling to keep blood flowing through my veins. 

One by one, leaves release their struggle, let go of the branch, and fall elegantly to the ground oscillating back and forth dancing on the waves of the same wind that shook it furiously just moments ago. Now at rest, their golden beauty lies in impermanence.

When the last yellow leaf touches the frozen ground, I yearn to slip into the deep hibernation of winter.  As anonymous darkness creeps throughout the beyond, my coiled soul awaits in a meditative trance. Eager for my soul to heal from deep restorative rest that only comes from the unknown place… that magical place…. We all have one…. We all need one...  For me? Solitude in the wild. For you? Laughter among friends? Reading a book by a fireplace? Jumping out of a plane?

One by one, they fall.  In and out, we breathe.