Life is in the Detours: October 5th, 2019

The ability of great naturalists to intimately describe the macro and microcosms of our world teaches us that, if we open our senses, inspiration lies everywhere in the natural world.

The sharp ridges of the Chugach Mountain Range are dusted with snow while those lower in elevation stubbornly resist the inclination towards winter. With a tree line around 2,300 feet the skyline tends towards a dramatic flair. As the warm fall air rises over the mountains it cools and condenses into clouds to interfere with an otherwise perfect cobalt blue sky.

In contrast to the giant mountains, a community of small rocks form their own microcosm with various grasses, three leaf clovers, miraculous algae, spiders with intricate webs, and ants who can carry 50 times its weight and run 300 meters an hour. A patch of rocks on the ground is equally full of wonder and diversity. If you stop and watch.

The natural world around us provides inspiration on a second by second basis. This means, daily and consciously, opening our eyes, ears, and heart. Let's stop being so busy, pre-occupied with the future, and regretting the past. Louis Armstrong said it best, “What a Wonderful World.”