Life is in the Detours: October 8th, 2019

The 1,000 mile Yukon Quest sled dog race is known for its many challenging summits foremost of which is Eagle Summit. There are thirteen tripods which lead up a thirty degree climb up the side of a mountain.

Some say it is the hardest section of the trail out of any sled dog race-anywhere. The crux of the climb is an exceedingly steep head wall of at least 250 vertical feet over 500 feet.

Eagle Summit requires teamwork-all of us working as a unit in sync with each other. The leaders, Blonde and Joy, are driving the team up and over the summit, the team dogs are matched in stride, and I am running alongside pushing the sled to do my part. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

There are many examples of teamwork in nature: ants share heavy loads, bees collect and store nectar, and killer whales coordinate for education of their young and hunting. Going solo in the wild may feel freeing and simple but it may not ensure survival or even an easier workload.

This is a lesson I need to remember when work and social pressures build.

 When you most want to seek shelter to lick your wounds - find your pack.