Slow Down

When is the last time you decided to give yourself time to remember who you are?  We allow ourselves to become so driven and focused and simply busy for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes we just don't manage our time that well or sometimes grief or anger drive us to endless busyness.  Until, eventually, we have just forgotten how critical it is to our vitality to properly manage our rest.  We can only focus in intense and concentrated periods of time for so long without taking a brief time out.  Similarly, our bodies can not sustain being driven to the brink for days without eventually breaking.  Take a moment to think about how you manage your day to day energy.  Do  you take time to reconnect with yourself and be still?  Do you take time to breathe?  The document below has 10 tips you can use to slow down and ironically enough slowing down is exactly what we MUST first do in order to produce more...  

You can download the pdf for higher resolution.