What does High Performance Look Like?

Through high performance coaching you will develop the tools to maximize  your potential,  enhance energy,  perform  better,  and  create  success. Bulletproof Coaching integrates  cutting-­edge  discoveries  from  the  worlds  of  neuroscience,  performance  coaching,  nutrition  science,  nutraceuticals,  biohacking,  positive psychology, brain fitness, PNEI (psychoendoneuroimmunology), resilience training, and sports psychology, combined with our own unique extensive personal and professional experience. 

Every person has their own unique personal outcomes they would like to achieve such as:

Performance – reaching a destination. For example: reducing weight, and body fat percentage,  running  a  marathon, enhancing  psychological  well being, achieving work or sales targets.   

Skills  –  developing  new  skills, and  abilities.  For  example:  managing  stress, accessing  creativity,  becoming  assertive, emotional  intelligence, improving communication, and leadership development.

Personal  development  –  transforming  consciousness, perceptions, values, beliefs, and  meaning. For  example:  enhancing  self-­‐awareness, becoming  kinder and  more  patient, getting  clarity  on  ‘life  purpose’, cultivating  a  meaningful spiritual life, and developing a mature self-confidence.